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The Importance of Mindfulness in Education

Healthy stress is known as a natural part of life and happens to be so even in the early stages of life, childhood. Everybody in life needs some challenge of some kind, both children and adults alike, in order to be spurred to develop and grow in life.

However, as much as this be the case, in actual sense what we have seen in the modern education system is a case of the healthy stress being displaced by toxic stress. One can be said to be facing toxic stress in the event that the demands that they have in life get to outplace their ability to get coping with these particular demands. Here are some of the impacts that toxic stress has on the various people groups involved in education.

The first group we will take a look at is the impact that toxic stress will have on the students. Toxic stress will actually have an impact on the attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep and preparedness for learning in quite a number of classrooms. What makes this all the more worrying a trend is the fact that such cases of prolonged exposure to toxic stress will have quite an impact on the child’s mental and physical health going into the future.

Educators too have their share of impact to suffer from such toxic stresses. As for the educators, in most cases the effects of toxic stress will set off in issues such as decreased productivity and creativity in what they do, feelings of anxiety, dissociation, frustrations and these will finally end up in a situation of a total burnout. By the way, you need to note the fact that this is actually one major cause of the high turnover rate that has been seen in the teaching fraternity.

On the parents too, effects have been seen which are as a result of toxic stress. This is the major factor that has basically resulted in a number of parents missing the point when it comes to the parenting skills and traits, not approaching it from an emphatic and present centered relationship with their developing young ones.

By and large, a number of these problems that we happen to face can be easily sorted by adopting mindfulness and having this in education. Mindfulness happens to be the ideal solution for the fact that it going to go way beyond the conceptual mind to get to directly tackle the problem. This happens to be so necessary for the fact that the roots of toxic stress happen to be lie deep into the nervous systems and far beyond the conceptual mind. Certainly, mindfulness is going to be important looking at the fact that it is a process that starts from the point that we start an awareness of the thoughts that we hold, the emotions within us, sensations and the environment within which we are.

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